Vizio’s Unsatisfied Customer

Looking for a new way to keep myself entertained from the seated position, I decided to buy a new TV. After much research, I decided to go with a 55 incher from Vizio. I had heard a lot of good things from the young company and went into the purchase believing I was getting the most bang for my buck.

A month into ownership, I began to experience issues with the TV. Not wanting to believe that I made the wrong purchase, I lived with these inconveniences. Finally, after two years of “settling” I lost it. I heard that angry letters are how to get corporate America to respond to the little man, so I decided to create my own masterpiece. My anger and frustration put me in a weird, sarcastic mood. The more I wrote, the angrier I became. As the anger grew, so did the sarcasm. Here is my finished product. Please disregard the typos, grammatical errors, etc… I wasn’t really in the mood to proofread at the time.



Dear Vizio Executive,

I’m writing you to let you know that your TV is a piece of trash. I spent my hard earned money on your 55″ LED TV that promised me the world, but it was all a lie. From the moment I opened the boxed and plugged it in, I’ve had to call customer support. The remote wouldn’t pair with the TV. The TV takes a minute to turn on. When it does turn on, the picture is blurry and there’s static for another two minutes. You sent me a new remote, but that didn’t fix the problem. Instead of going through your system, I decided to just deal with it.

Next, my VIA TV wouldn’t connect to my WIFI network in my own home. It took about a week for it to finally work. Once it did work, it was shaky at best. It wouldn’t consistently hook up to the network. I would have to turn it off and turn it back on, only to deal with the startup issues in the previous paragraph.

My TV would receive updates. Great, I couldn’t be any happier. Update the firmware and get rid of some of the software bugs. The only problem is, the TV doesn’t understand that the firmware had been updated so it would update the firmware again and again. Once it was done updating an update that it already had, it would shut off and turn back on…only to make me have to wait an additional 5 minutes of it turning off and on to get me to the point where I’d have to deal with the startup issues ONCE AGAIN.

As if that wasn’t enough, I recently had this issue where the TV would turn on. Performance increased. My startup time would go from one to two minutes down to fifteen seconds. The only problem is, 5 minutes into watching my television; the picture would freeze for ten seconds turn off and turn back on after another minute or two, which would then lead to my startup issue AGAIN.

Lastly, I decided to get this all taken care of. I talked to your customer service, which by the way is top notch, and patiently asked them to help me fix my TV. This was great, it was going to be like getting a brand new TV. I reset it to factory settings and began my guided start from the beginning. Step-by-step,  I follow the directions. Everything was going swimmingly until I got to the remote setup. My expensive television would not find my remote control; the remote control that has all these features, which is the reason why it’s the size of a 1980’s cellphone. Eventually I just decided to skip this process and continue with the guided setup. Out of curiosity I tried going to the HDTV settings in the sluggish Vizio menu bar and tried selecting the Bluetooth function, just to see what it would do. I ended up getting an error, which said “TV does not have a valid BD_ADDR. Please contact support!” This message was friendly enough.  Perhaps it would be a quick software fix. So, I call customer support for my 7th or 8th time over the year and two months that I’ve had my TV, only to find out that my Bluetooth unit on my “high end” TV is broken. After a YEAR AND TWO MONTHS, the Bluetooth function on my “high end” television is no longer functioning.  I wouldn’t care so much, except for the fact that my Titanic of a remote requires Bluetooth for its advanced functions. What was the solution that was given to me? I’m glad you asked, I was told to contact a local shop to have it repaired. After a YEAR AND TWO MONTHS, this TV has turned out to be a huge bust. It is the Jamarcus Russell of TV’s. The only difference between this TV and Jamarcus Russell is that this TV didn’t get arrested for drinking purple drank, although judging by the performance of the Vizio menu, it’s quite possible that this TV is in a constant state of inebriation.

It is unbelievable that you are getting away with robbing people. How can such a beautiful piece of electronic turn out to be such a huge pain in the ass? I’ve had this TV for a year and two months and have already had to call customer support 7 to 8 times. My car gives me fewer problems. I’ve had a Samsung TV for over three years and I’ve already had to call Vizio support 7 or 8 times more than I’ve had to call Samsung. I’ve called your support system so many times that I have your support agents’ routines memorized. I’ve had the great misfortune of having to talk to nearly 10 of them, not including your unbelievably slow online agents.

I’m extremely tempted to just send you the TV back and just forget this all happened. I’d much rather go out and buy a CRT TV off craigslist than to use this abomination you call a TV. I feel like I’ve been ripped off and duped into thinking that this TV worth was anywhere near what it cost. I’m not even sure how I’m supposed to go back into any electronics store to purchase another Vizio product, without feeling like I’m getting bent over a desk. I really don’t know how I’m supposed go to my friends and family and tell them that I purchased a quality product from Vizio. I just wanted to sarcastically thank you for selling me this gigantic pain in the ass.

If you want to look up my support history, my phone number is (XXX)XXX-XXXX. I regrettably purchased the XVT553SV model in November 2010.




Jonathan Chan

P.S. I would like a reply, just so I know I was able to give you a piece of my mind.