The Loveless Cafe Nashville, TN

Loveless Cafe - Nashville, TN, United States. I wasn't planning to take a picture of my food but their hot chicken was so good that it had to be done!!!!!!!

Let me start off by saying that our server, Matt, changed my life. Not only was he friendly and easy to deal with, but his meal choice has altered my view on the world. We started off with biscuits. I’ve never been a huge fan of anything that doesn’t involve meat. I feel like eating biscuits are a waste of time, but not these biscuits. They were amazing. I crushed about 2 of them before we even ordered. Anyways, I attempted to order fried chicken off the supper platter. My boy Matt, said that they offer a spicy version of this dish. Hearing that Nashville’s all about hot chicken, I jumped on that opportunity. After destroyed about 2 more biscuits, our food arrived. I gave it a once over and decided it was too hot to eat, so I started off with a dab of the mac n cheese. My mind was immediately blown. The noodles were soft and the cheesiness of the dish was perfect. Pleasantly surprised, I went after the chicken. It was an explosion of flavor in my mouth. It was euphoric. My immediate reaction was to rip off all my clothes, jump in a deep fryer, roll around in the breading and pour the spices all over me so that the chickens could see how good they taste. I reluctantly gave my wife a piece, so she could enjoy a little bit of heaven. This is by far the best fried chicken I’ve ever had. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Loveless, I love you.



The Atlantis Resort Sucks

Dear Atlantis Resort,

I would like to start off by saying that your marketing team is the best in the world. Your team’s ability to sell Paradise Island as an actual paradise is astounding. For years, my family, friends and I have wanted to visit your Caribbean oasis and we finally made that dream come true in December of 2015. My parents, aunt, uncle, sister, soon to be brother-in-law, best friend, his wife, daughter, parents,  sister and brother-in-law joined me, my wife and my son on a pre-Christmas vacation that we had been planning for over six months. We were promised the experience of a lifetime and that’s exactly what we received.

I’ll put aside the fact that your food is marked up 500% and tastes horrendous, because you’re in the business of raping tourists. It’s understood that’s what we’re signing up for. We come to paradise to eat shitty food and get raped, but not necessarily in that order. I know you all like to mix it up sometimes. My issue with your service is the lack of effort on your part. Our requests were not out of the ordinary. I asked for a king sized bed in our room with all the basic necessities we’ve come to expect from an average at best hotel. Our first room came with no such king sized bed. Instead it contained two full-sized beds. We have a toddler. We needed a large enough bed to make sure he didn’t fall off and seriously injure himself. You care about child safety, don’t you?

After a forty-five minute wait at reception, we were given another room. To our surprise, we were given what we had originally asked for, a king sized bed! Of course, we must have milk for our baby boy, so I went to put milk in our room’s fridge, except something wasn’t right. I opened the fridge door to keep my baby boy’s milk from spoiling. I was expecting to get a whiff of cold air, but I experienced no such thing. In fact, I might even say that the air was warm. If I were to put my child’s milk in a malfunctioning, how long before it spoils? What would I feed my son? I went to call reception to get another room, but the phone wasn’t even working. At this point, I can’t even say I was surprised. My family and I had to pick up all of our stuff, head back to reception to get our third room.

Another fun filled forty-five minutes at reception and we were given our third room. I’ve heard that third time’s a charm, but I think you all at Atlantis do things differently. We walked down the long corridor to our room, exhausted from moving all of our stuff to yet another room, only to discover that the keys we were given didn’t work. Exhausted, my wife and I had to sit outside our room while we waited for security, who was in no hurry at all, to open our room for us. When we walked into our new room, I noticed that the air was quite warm. It was as if we were standing outside in the sun with no means of controlling our environment, but I had to be mistaken; we were inside the luxurious Atlantis resort. I figured that the thermostat just needed to be turned on. As I walked through the room, I noticed that there was water damage on a large portion of the ceiling. It was apparent that the AC unit was not working and was leaking water onto the room’s ceiling. Who knows how long that standing water had been there and if there was mold growing, especially in the humidity. Not only is that dangerous for my wife and I, but for our son. I posed the question earlier; do you care about child safety? I’m beginning to learn the answer to this question as I go.

I’m not the only who had a poor experience at your hotel either. My closest friend, who I had convinced to bring his family, parents and extended family to join us was not given access to hot water, nor was there enough water pressure in the room to get a decent shower. Luckily for him, a technician came to fix it. He was then given the gift of having no hot water. There was no change to anything. We’re not even convinced that the tech did anything in the first place.

I must say that our stay at your resort, if you can even call it that, was an eye opening experience. Not only have I told all of my family and friends about the horrible experience, I will continue to let everybody know what frauds you are. Without your marketing team and water slides, you have nothing to offer. Your food sucks, your service sucks, your room sucks and you probably suck. I’ve wasted hours of my life trying to get half the experience we were promised. Figure out how to make this right to both my family and my friend’s family. I expect a response.