Not Just a Leap

It’s been four nights since the sleep regression and it is not fun. I don’t find this stage enjoyable at all. Nothing about the 3-4 sleep disturbances a night makes me feel anything but rage. All is not lost. She’s not heading to the orphanage yet. We’re taking a new approach. We’ve been pretty bad about feeding. She started on solid foods a couple weeks ago, but only 2 feedings at 1-2 ounces per session. We’ve been told that they can graduate to 3 feedings per day at 2-3 ounces per session, but we’ve been pretty bad at upgrading and now it’s coming back to castrate us. We’re pushing towards feeding her, to the point where she becomes obese. It’ll be easier for her to walk off the weight than it will be to find a foster family to take her in. Keep track of her age and the amount of food/milk your baby’s taking in.

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