Achievements of Greater Men

In my lifetime, I’ve been lucky enough to experience two championship teams, but was too young to really appreciate what it took to root for the right team. This past summer, a team I’ve been supporting for the past decade finally did it. They got over the hump and won the Stanley Cup! It was glorious! The 26 year championship drought was finally over, but I had this weird feeling. As I ran to my computer to order all of the Stanley Cup Champions gear, I had a weird feeling. It wasn’t everything I thought it’d be. Not only was I not creaming in my pants, I wasn’t completely happy with my own actions. I couldn’t help but feel like a huge loser. I had accomplished nothing. I was, in fact, celebrating the achievements of greater men. I was celebrating the achievements of men that have sacrificed so much to reach the pinnacle of their industry, while I have worked to get to the middle of mine.

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